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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Biggest Worshipper in Great Britain?

GK Chesterton commented that when men and women do not worship God, they do not worship nothing, they worship anything.

Who then might win the prize for being GB's number one worshipper? Of course we don't know, and I would hope a Christain would come out tops, but perhaps it would be Richard Dawkins. Of course the object of his worship isn't God (nor the natural world) but an idol - let's call it scientism or naturalistic philosophy - big words for the view that the only thing that exists is matter and the only things that act are forces. 

Worship involves the trinity of love, trust and obedience. And since all three describe Dawkin's attitude to naturalistic philosophy, that makes Dawkins a worshipper, and since he loves, trusts and obeys with great passion that puts him up there with Britain's top worshippers.

The problem with all idols is that in the end they must fail. They cannot provide what only God can. In private moments idol worshippers must know that their idols are foolish, empty and weak.

May God have mercy on Richard Dawkins and open his eyes and turn him from idols to the living God, the Creator of this amazing wonderful universe.

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