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Monday, 6 January 2014

Seven Western Myths

Understanding the Times
It is impossible to reach a culture without understanding it. Here are seven myths which are woven into the fabric of western culture and find their way into every aspect of life.

A myth is a belief which is so deeply ingrained in the culture that it is regarded as true, and yet it is totally false. It can only be unmasked by calling it what it is - a Myth or more accurately, a Lie.

Of course westerners like to think they are beyond the myth stage of human development; that's another advantage of the term 'Myth'. It puts our culture where it belongs, alongside of, not one iota ahead of, every other fallen human culture that has graced the globe.

MYTH #1  Science is the only way to find 'truth'. Oh dear. No-one who has read the history of science could hold this view, but it is deeply engrained in popular culture, serves the purposes of rationalism and is at least partly born of the great success of science in bringing us comfortable lives.

MYTH #2  Science and religion are at loggerheads. Again, Oh dear. Every classical historical example falls down upon inspection, but this myth helps to maintain science's Priesthood and because MYTH #1 is "true" justifies the oppression of all religion.

MYTH #3 Religion is different from secular institutions. Somehow 'religion' belongs in a  category on its own, not to be confused with politics, the academy (except to be analyzed), science and so forth. Secular institutions are rational (and therefore neutral and tame) religion is irrational and thus dangerous. This "other" category is the justification for isolation and oppression. The old playground 'us' and 'them' stuff.

MYTH #4. Matter is all there is. Boil down everything and all you get is matter and the laws which govern it. Emotions, the will, beauty, all these are the product of firing neurons. There is no spirit, 'God', angel or demon. Matter is necessary but not sufficient to explain the world.

MYTH #5. Life can emerge from non-life. Not a shred of evidence that unprecedented complexity can spontaneously arise, but an essential myth to suppress the knowledge of God.

MYTH #6. Religion causes violence. Again no evidence, but important to maintain the boundary between state and religion.

MYTH #7: There is no difference between men and women. There is nothing a woman can do that a man shouldn't be able to do and nothing a man can do that a woman shouldn't be able to do. The lie at a biological level is evidence of lies all the way up. But again, it's an essential myth required to advance the feminist cause.

The Old Testament prophets constantly warned against pagan lies which infect the people of God. Many of the myths above are finding their way into western evangelicalism and mainly because of its unholy alliance with the academy.

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