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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Science and Christianity: friend or foe?

A western urban myth
One of the most persistent western 'urban myths' of modern times is the view that Science and Christianity are at war with each other, or at least incompatible with each other. So if you are a scientist you couldn't be a Christian, for example. Or in its most militant form, science has disproved Christianity, made it redundant.

An urban myth is exactly that - a view held strongly by many people as being true, but on inspection a view that turns out to be more wrong than right - a myth.

A plug for a talk
This blog is plug for a talk I am giving on this subject. This is roughly where I will be going to show, to prove that far from being enemies, Christianity and Science are friends:

Outline reasons for friendship between Christianity and Science

(1) The Bible itself greatly encourages us to examine (and take care of) the natural world - which is God's world.
(2) All the founding scientists were either Christians or theists.
(3) Christianity encouraged the flourishing of science in the west
(4) Any conflict is a result of either a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation of either science or the Bible
(5) All the historical "examples of conflict" can be shown to be nothing of the sort
(6) Any conflict is superficial, agreement is deep.
(7) If there is any conflict, it's not between Christianity and Science, but between Science and Naturalism. Naturalism is the add-on-to-science idea that teaches that everything happens/can happen without God.

On this last point, one of the world's finest minds, Professor Alvin Platinga puts it this way in his brilliant book, "Where the conflict really lies":

"there is a science / religion conflict, all right, but it isn't between science and theistic religion: it's between science and naturalism."

Come to the talk and hear for yourself, or read the talk in a future blog....

Friday 14th March, 2014, 7.30pm Dines Green Primary School, WR2 5QH

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