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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Fishermans Press - why we need a new Christian Publisher

Many good Publishers
There are many good Christian publishers out there, catering for different needs, but there is a niche in the market, and we prayerfully hope that Fishermans Press will meet that need.

Here are the gaps:

(1) Very cheap. We plan all publications from Fishermans Press to be at the lowest possible prices - what many people do not realise is that printing books is very cheap these days.

(2) Very Simple. Some Christian books are too complicated for the ordinary Christian. All books we publish will be aimed at "the man in the street" - in other words the biblical church category of "not many noble, not many wise."

(3) Easy to translate. We mean, not only in language style, but permission wise. Since we ain't interested in making money, we won't tie up poor Christians in poor countries with "legalese" which will prevent them translating our materials. We hope these materials will be translated and go all around the world, should it please the Lord. 

(4) Written by real church people.  In our day, too many Christian books are being written by self-styled experts, rather than by ordinary Christians with a writing gift. All books published by Fishermans Press must be written by people with the following real Bible titles or credentials, "saint", "pastor", "deacon", "evangelist"  "slave", or "servant."

If an author wants to boast about their earthly achievements we will happily use biblical categories such as "suffered at the hands of", "despised and rejected, "shipwrecked" or "beaten three times."

But all worldly personal titles or achievements such as "Dr", "Professor", "Director", "Founder of" and anyone wanting to be known by these worthless passing titles will be banned from Fishermans Press.

(Of course if someone happens to have such titles, is godly, and possesses a writing gift, we would be glad to include them as an author - providing they leave the worldly titles behind.)

Sounds radical? Only if we are wired to our secular culture rather than the world of the Bible.

We pray that God will use this new humble press in the years to come, to encourage the church all over the world.

If you want to write for Fishermans Press please let me know.... 

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