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Sunday, 2 December 2018

The Victory of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is Victor
The Bible ends with Satan's doom and the saints eternal rest. In other words, Satan is defeated and Christ is Victor. Hallelujah!

An Interesting Trend
But preparing for a teaching talk on the millennium from Revelation chapter 20, I could not help but noticing that at the end of the Gospel Age (the 1000 years), during which Satan has been bound, Satan is set free for a short time during which he unleashes all his last-minute last-time hatred on God's people.

(Then he is beat for good and condemned to hell forever.)

This, it seems to me, is a common characteristic of Satan's activity. He experiences defeat, he knows his days are numbered, but gives a "last minute kick" just before he is out for good.

When Jesus casts out an evil spirit, it sometimes gives a final kick:

Mark 9 - Jesus casts out a demon from a boy, "I command you, come out of him and never enter him again." We expect the demon to depart in an instant. But before he does, he "kicks" the boy one last time, "The spirit shrieked, convulsed the boy violently and came out."  Last Kick.

Matthew 8 - Jesus casts demons out of a man. What do they do? Leave the man but go off and destroy a herd of pigs. Last Kick.

Beware of Satan's Last Kick
Every believer needs to be aware of this "trick" or "device" of the devil. Satan has many "devices" or tricks and this is one of them. It may happen that when someone comes to faith in Christ, just before - or just after - they are converted - Satan gives them one final kick. It could be that when a believer is beating a bad habit, Satan gives them one last final kick.

There can be many circumstances where Satan attempts, one last time to disturb a believer, or even to disturb a church, one last time. We must be on our guard.  

Don't fear the last kick!
The news from God's Word is - don't fear Satan's last kick! Satan is a defeated enemy and we are not to fear his last kicks. Expect them, yes, but don't fear them, because Christ is the supreme ruler over all, and he will protect his people from all harm.

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