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Monday, 28 February 2011

Our Forever Hero

The death of a hero
Richard Feynman, the celebrated American physicist once described the day he realised he knew more than his dad, his childhood hero. To sail past his hero proved a kind of bereavement.

Moving beyond a hero is more than a bereavement, it can be a scary experience, because now you are 'on your own'. Without signposts you really are exploring terra nova. 

The death of our Christian heroes
Much the same thing can happen in our walk with God. We may discover over time that brothers and sisters in Christ - personally known and those known only through their writings - are left behind. Perhaps some have gone to glory, perhaps others provided us only with valuable rudiments, perhaps some have tragically fallen, while there are others we believe (hopefully after sober assessment) we have moved beyond in some way. 

The Hero who never dies
But in Jesus Christ we have a hero who will always be ahead of us. For in the realms of knowledge, in him dwells all the treasures of divine wisdom and knowledge. In the realm of the Spirit, he possessed  fulness without measure. In suffering, no-one can outdo the One who sweat drops of blood and endured the forsakeness of his Father. In good works, the world wouldn't be big enough to hold a chronicle of them.

It must be scary to realise you've passed all your earthly heroes. But it's a comfort for every beliver to know that Jesus Christ will always be not only the author (start), but the perfector (end) of their faith.

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