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Thursday, 3 March 2011

What, and you still believe in evolution?

The little noble Michael Behe
Sometime ago I heard Michael Behe, the American Scientist who revealed to the public the complexity of the cell in his wonderful book Darwin's Black Box. Every cell in our body is a factory of unimaginable complexity, filled with biochemical machines. The short unassuming scientist ended the lecture by telling us that biology is revealing more and more layers of complexity in the cell - the problem of evolution is becoming more, not less problematic.

And now we hear from researchers at Stanford university the following about the brain:
"One synapse, by itself, is more like a microprocessor - with both memory-storage and information-processing elements - than a mere on/off switch. In fact, one synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches. A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth."
No routes to evolution
A system as complex as this requires a great deal more than chance and natural law. Law can produce small amounts of order (salt crystals, sand dunes, waves). Chance tends to work in the opposite direction destroying working systems. No one in their right mind believes that all the  switches in  all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth came about by chance. And in the same flush of reasoning, no-one should be fooled into thinking the same happened with the brain.

The only Scripture that comes to mind is this:  "Thinking themselves wise, they became fools..."

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