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Friday, 15 January 2016

The difference between Earth and Space - Tim Peake's Sky Walk

Tim Peake

A Marvel of Human Engineering
Tim Peake, the English astronaut will take a space walk out of the space station to replace a faulty component. His suit is a marvel of human engineering, for it will keep him alive during the walk.

Why a marvel?  

First, it has to keep him at the right temperature, so it is equipped with both cooling and heating capabilities.

Second, it has to keep him pressurised, at around earth pressure (1 bar, 14.5 psi).

Third it has to keep him protected from the dangers of space junk. Without an atmosphere, sun light is bright and harsh and bright, so the glass visor must be tinted (other protection is also needed to filter out harful radiation). Without the protection of atmosphere and travelling at 17,000 mph (about 8 km per second) a tiny particle, perhaps left by a previous exploded satellite would go right through his suit - and him - unless the Kevlar protection built into his suit stopped it.

Fourth to thousands - he'll need to come back for food, etc., etc.

Years of development and millions of pounds to make..... 

A Marvel of Divine Engineering
Tim's space walk should alert every human being to a most remarkable fact: we don't need a space suit to walk on earth. We continually forget, because it is so 'normal' for us, that the many conditions all required to come together for life to be sustained are around us every day of every year on this planet. We do not need space suits to live on earth. This unremarkable fact is absolutely remarkable when you think that every other place in the known universe is hostile to life.

The earth is an absolutely remarkable feat of divine engineering. Countless different properties and conditions come together to make life on earth possible and joyous.

The very fact that we don't wear spacesuits on earth is evidence for a Creator and cause for praise......

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